how to elect more libertarians

How is it that Costa Rica has 4 members of the libertarian party in their national government, but the USA has 0? Are they smarter than us?  In fact, most other developed countries have more than two parties in their legislatures.  Why does the US have only 2 parties and a couple of independents in congress?  The answer is not that we are dumb, or that we have a bad media network.  The answer is how we elect our members of congress.

Some countries (like costa rica) do not vote on individual members of congress.  They vote for a party.  That way, if the libertarian party gets 10% of the vote, they get about 10% of the seats in congress.  Here in the US, if the libertarian party gets 10% of the vote, they get 0% of the seats in congress.

Other countries vote for more than one representative to congress at once.  Systems like that allow people to elect a wider range of representatives to congress.  Read more here

The founding fathers in the US gave states the power to decide how they would elect members of the house of representatives.  Individual states could choose to switch to a system where minor parties (like libertarians) have better chance of actually electing members of congress.  The two party system will not be broken until we tweak how we elect members of congress.

Libertarians will not have a voice in government and will not change the country until we change our voting system to be more fair.  Libertarians should spend far more energy trying to institute proportional representation so that Libertarians can actually win seats in congress.


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